Thundermoon is a collaboration between artists Hinde ChaĆ¢touf and Nikki Rosa Ootjers.

Our home-base has always been Rotterdam. We've laid our ties there and had many projects being born like our Lecturama series, AUTARC and started our foundation FRAUDULEUS.

Through our latest project AUTARC, we have come to realize that it was time for another phase. Nikki found new projects in Berlin and directs her focus on her collaborative music project 'Venderstrooik' and Hinde returned to the South of France, to one of the free-space projects we have come across during our travels for AUTARC. To write to research and to embark on new adventures.

Amongst other are religion, mythology, corporate culture and strange cults the few fields in wich we conduct our research. Ancient structures provide us with a blueprint for the relationships and analogy of us as functioning beings today in society. We lend these structures from archetypes.

We try as best as we can to live our work and make our work our reality. Rather than letting it exist in a distant white cube for a distant and uninvolved audience.

This is why we feel most comfortable in a complete multidisciplinary setting of our own making. We allow our own lives to blend in with our work as artists. As the fool who speaks the truth in uttering madness, so we vow to the make believers and truth keepers.